• Suggestioni cilentane: a Punta Licosa la vigna che profuma di mare  

    Il riposo è solo apparente. La terra, che anche quest’anno è stata generosa, si prepara ad accogliere i semi delle erbe primaverili tra i filari di viti già quasi spoglie.
  • The young challenge of the Tortora sisters in the Irpinia of great wines

    Two sisters and one common life project. Cultivated in both mind and heart since childhood, observing parents and grandparents who cultivated the land, property of the Tortora family for over a century, vegetables and especially grape vines for the flagship production of the family business, now definitely deserving of the adjective "historical ".
  • From Portugal to Ischia, wine and ancient fruits to distill the Mediterranean's identity

    The uninterrupted green expanses, enhanced by the famous brightness of the Lusitanian sky, had accompanied them for miles. And immediately reserved a familiar and reassuring welcome for their eyes, trained from childhood to recognize citrus trees and figs, omnipresent in the soils of their grandparents on the island of Ischia.

  • Milk and ideas, the caciocavallo has a new history in Calitri

    Courage and determination were faithful companions in this journey. Started twenty years ago with the hope and enthusiasm of the youth to support an idea that is not obvious at all and has an unpredictable outcome: to be able to create a future in one's own land.

  • Luigi Marra, pizza and flavours of the tradition in the monumental center of Partenope

    A view holding seven centuries of history. Seated comfortably at a beautiful table made of ceramic with festoons of fruit and flowers, the window offers one of the most charming and characteristic views of Naples.

  • Andrea D'Ambra and the harvests of happiness

    Each planted vine, when it sprouts, is a hymn to joy. It's like a phylogenetic alarm clock. It makes you vibrate. Gives you the chills. It leads us back to the roots, explains who we are. Summarize our evolution. Or at least it should.

  • The Red of Licosa, from the marine area of Castellabate the mullet giving the taste of the sea

    That vivid color, unmistakable and unique with its intensity it’s impossible not to notice. And it’s certainly the first characteristic of the species to be noticed.

  • Cervati caves, the prehistoric site where the outlaws' cacio becomes special

    In the beautiful seasons, it was the ideal place to stop and spend the night after dark. High up, safe on the side of the mountain, the small esplanade offered enough space to house the flocks in the pens until the early dawn of spring and summer.

  • Giovanna Voria, the peasant chef that gave new life to Cicerale’s chickpeas.

    Few more days and, with the first warmth of spring, the land of Cicerale will be ready to welcome the humble and precious chickpeas, that for centuries have intertwined their seasonal phases with the history of an entire community of Cilento. Risking to slowly disappear as that got thinner, impoverished by emigration that pulled its sons off from the solid peasant roots. Among the many, Giovanna Voria had been no exception.

  • Artisanal pastries cuddling the five senses from Foiano di Val Fortore

    It’s a familiar scent to show the way. Few steps from the main square, in the hearth of Foiano ,sense of smell is tickled by an intense and summoning fragrance. Just few moments and the view of golden loaves right out of woodfired oven, protagonist of the scene, will please the eyes. It’s from there that a healthy and sincere smell generously spreads, in

  • Ischia - That warm soil next to the sea where firstlings grow

    In the hearth of winter, swollen pods and flowers ready for the transformation are spotted among silvery green leaves. The first harvest of broad beans of Filippo Florio has already been collected, for the pleasure of those who attempt the Saturday Market of local products in Ischia Ponte. At that very appointment He displayed his beans with particular pride for they represent another challenge overcome.

    More than just a challenge, because the site he’s cultivating is very particular, even if he had a lot of expectations since the

  • «Zingara», the nightlife sandwich. The real story

    I make a present to myself. And I share it. For TwentyTwentyone of the 21st century. Cabalistically it is not too bad, check it. And then, in the Smorifa (it is a system used to convert dreams and everyday life into numbers. These numbers are then used to play at the lottery), number 21 is the "naked woman". Ow, ow. Therefore, I decided to lift the veil... of a "very beautiful and tasty" story. A necessary one. Which puts some things in its place. It is the
  • The comeback of the Campania Melannurca, the Romans' favourite red apple

    It is with the autumn equinox that the time for the apples arrive in the valleys of the Lower Samnium. The Caudina and the Telesina valley are historically part annurche apples area, together with the bordering valleys of Caserta from which the orchards have progressively spread during the recent years in the large plain, until reaching the sea, near Sessa Arunca.

  • Enzeta, Panarana and Selvaggia, the ladies of the autumn in Vitulano

    Every year, in autumn, in Vitulano, the protagonist returns, the real lady of the mountains. The chestnut is a typical product of Vitulano, strictly linked not only to the culinary tradition of the place, but to its social and economic history.

    Chestnuts have always represented a source of important livelihood for the local inhabitants, particularly for the poorest sections of society.

  • Wild honey

    Heeey, what’s this, honey? Yes, it is. But this one is a little bit different : it’s a free one, it is wild. And it is proportional. But how? I am going to explain it to you: it is proportional to the landscape containing it. The less beauty you see around, the less honey you will have… Try to figure it out, make also an ideal circumnavigation.

  • «Castello», the wine illuminating the night

    I am photographing the bottle of “Castello” uncorked for a while, now in the late night, placing it on the parapet that faces the majestic dome of the Church of Immacolata.

    The label, which shows the isoipse of the volcanic cone which then became the insula minor, the Aragonese Castle, is like a map of the escalation of pure fascination which embraces me now, at the beginning of September.


    In his suitcase, especially when he is travelling outside Italy, there is always a kilo of Sorrento lemons.

  • In Vitulano pecorino cheese, the aroma of the pastures between the Samnium mountains

    The sense of smell is a safe guide through the small courtyard, which welcomes you with the bright red of the geraniums overlooking the square windows. The strongly scented trace and the curiosity that accompanies it lead to a side door, barely half-closed. There the aroma is more noticeable. A call, even urgent, to cross the threshold, to identify the origin and, especially, its nature. The first eye-catcher no longer leaves doubts: on a metal shelf there are inviting cheeses with a yellowish colour lined up,

  • The hundred years of Cantina Iannella in Torrecuso, a family history linked to the wine

    The summer sun envelops the plants from every direction since early morning. This way, the grains get bigger in the still green bunches, but which are already distinguished among the dense foliage. The long rows accompany the way in a sequence that unravels from hill to hill. Only interrupted by the silvery green of strong olive trees, another constant presence in the Samnim countryside. After having passed the red heights of Torrecuso roofs, dominated by the profile of the Caracciolo-Cito palace, the vineyards

  • Lightings and Dorados

    The lightning of the title is an illumination, linked to a special reflection, the rainbows of the dorado that fights under the boat before giving up and letting itself be lifted up: it is a scenographic flash that becomes a flashback and a pun. As I like it.

    The dorado has an iridescent colouration: an archaic, very old face and it is fascinating me in an indescribable way: it is still caught with the so-called shadow fishing that uses palm trees and branches, and it is one



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