• The mineral water of Telese, hot springs six centuries old

    Under the welcoming shade of the large trees of the avenue, the comings and goings of people was continuous. People used to chat, enjoy the coolness, attend the concerts organized to make the stop in the new spa complex more pleasant before or after bathing in the pools and drinking.

  • CONTURSI - The Thermal Baths in the Valley of Sele

    The ancients affirmed that contact with the water of the Sale transformed everything into stone. The first verification of the particular properties which in that area characterised not the water of the river, but the thermo-mineral springs present in the area which took the name of Baths of Contursi (Bagni di Contursi), south and downstream of the hill of the city, in full river reserve with its luxuriant vegetation of white poplars, willows and holm oaks.

  • ISCHIA - One hundred sources for the island of thermal baths

    The largest Europe thermal basin. More than one hundred thermo-mineral springs distributed in every part of the island. Ischia is a volcanic land lavish with gifts. Of waters with particular properties, above all. It has ensured to its children, through the millennia, a precious and inexhaustible resource, which is identified intros springs, whose therapeutic properties have made Ischia famous in the world. Known and exploited since ancient times, already by the