Real delights

  • SERRE - The Real Hunting Lodge of Persano

    The magnificent vestiges of Paestum were not far away. And, frequenting that area, King Carlo di Borbone rapidly noticed the great wood of Persano, very rich in game and extending through the plain crossed by Sele and Calore Lucanorivers.

  • PROCIDA – Palazzo D’Avalos

    Dall’alto del promontorio che giganteggia sul mare, sembra vegliare ancora sull’isola. Come quando, allora moderna fortezza, difendeva il borgo dalle invasioni dei saraceni, che tanta morte e distruzione avevano seminato nei secoli precedenti.

  • PORTICI, the Royal Palace

    That stretch of coast on the slopes of Vesuvius has already conquered at the beginning of the century the d’Elboeuf Duke, Emmanuel Maurice of Lorraine, who asked the architect Ferdinando Sanfelice to build a magnificent villa on the sea. Settled in Portici, the noble of ancient European lineage, after having known about some ancient pieces discovered digging a well in Herculaneum, near his property, had personally dedicated himself to some

  • The Royal "Casina" on the Fusaro lake was built on an islet

    Oysters from farms on the other side of the lake and delicious fish caught in the sea, beyond the sandy dune.

  • CASERTA - Il Real Belvedere di San Leucio

    unescoE’ l’altura che dona la visuale più ampia e bella sulla Campania Felix. Anche senza raggiungerne la sommità. E proprio la collina di San Leucio aveva scelto il conte Andrea Matteo Acquaviva per costruirvi, nella seconda metà del Cinquecento, un nuovo palazzo, affacciato sui suoi possedimenti nella vasta pianura e sulla città di

  • CASERTA - The Royal House of St. Sylvester, a WWF oasis

    A superb holm oak wood of 76 hectares remained miraculously intact, just like the Bourbons sovereigns and the court enjoyed it, when they frequented it on occasions of periodic hunting trips. Just outside the Royal Palace, on the hills of Montemaiuolo and Montebriano, from where the great waterfall feeding the park’s waterway descends.

  • SAN TAMMARO - Carditello Royal Site

    The plain of Capua was well known for its fertility. The land was full of agricultural production. The viceroy Michele Reggio and Branciforte knew it well. In fact, he suggested to Charles of Bourbon to buy some lands there.

  • Villa Floridiana and the Ceramics Museum in Vomero

    Fresh and healthy air, a splendid view of the gulf, as green as the setting of an eighteenth-century villa: there were all the conditions for it to be an ideal holiday residence. And they convinced King Ferdinand I that it was worth buying that property on the southern edge of the Vomero hill to present it to the Duchess of Floridia Lucia Migliaccio, his morganatic wife.