• Piccole, discrete e affacciate su panorami mozzafiato, le spiagge di Capri

    Lungo l’alta costa rocciosa dell’isola, si aprono piccole, deliziose baie più facilmente raggiungibili da mare che da terra. Antichi approdi, dove oggi si affollano durante la bella stagione bagnanti delle più varie provenienze. Sono le spiagge di Capri e Anacapri, di ciottoli chiari come le rocce delle pareti che le cingono e le scogliere che le proteggono dal mare, di quell’azzurro intenso che definisce la particolarità dell’isola. 


    In the last stretch of the Phlegraean coast, now one with the Domitian coast, in the territory of Giugliano, included in the metropolitan area of Naples, the large beach of Varcaturo succeeds the Lido di Licola.


    Together with the various species of birds stopping there during the long migrations, the coots populated permanently, always numerous, the vast coastal wetland. According to Emperor Nero's plans, the long navigable canal connecting Rome to Pozzuoli had to start there.


    "O Vatia, tu solus scis vive", "O Vatia, you alone know how to live": the exclamation with which his peers addressed him remained over centuries, when they met him in Rome, when they met him in Rome, evoking the long periods that the Isaurico loved to spend in his villa d'otium in the renowned Campanian sea.


    In the most extreme and advanced part of the Phlegraean Peninsula, just in front of Procida, separated by the shortest stretch of sea, a bay opens with a beach of fine sand, where there is a small tourist port too.


    Despite the passage of time, the stretch of "Costa del Mito", in the north of the Gulf of Pozzuoli, the places preserve in their name the memory of the presence of the Classis Miserenensis, the most important fleet of the empire, established by Augustus a few decades before the first century BC expired.


    Imagine that you have just visited one of the most particular and interesting archaeological sites of the Phlegraean Fields, the Mirabilis Pool, and to smell the unmistakable scent of the nearby sea.


    Protected by the cliff surmounted by the Castle, dominated by the austere imposingness of the ancient Aragonese fortification that today houses some of the archaeological jewels found in the sea surrounding it, the beach of Castello di Baia extends at the end of the wide Gulf of Pozzuoli.

  • Spiagge a Procida


    Il sole non l’abbandona mai nell’arco della giornata. E dalla mattina presto fino all’ultimo raggio prima del tramonto accarezza la sabbia scura dell’arenile, che la natura ha delimitato con due imponenti faraglioni di tufo. Scaraventati in mare dal cedimento, antico, di una parte del costone tufaceo che cinge la spiaggia del lungomare Cristoforo Colombo. Preferita da chi ama vivere il mare in

  • Agropoli

    San Francesco Beach

    It is said that during his trip westwards, Saint Francis spoke to fishes from the rock which todays bears his name and on which a cross has been placed in his honor. Between the port of Agropoli and the much more famous bay of Trentova, there is this small beach of sand and small rocks, which you can easily reach walking from the port along Via San Francesco where you can see the

  • Castellabate

    Spiaggia del Pozzillo 

    A welcoming strip of golden sand connects San Marco and Santa Maria di Castellabate. It is the Pozzillo Beach, bathed by a crystal clear sea showing the shallow water and makes it perfect to frequent for children. It ends in the territory of Santa Maria di Castellabate with thee mall beach of Marina Piccola.

  • Pollica

    Between Acciaroli and Pioppi

    To the south of Punta Licosa, in the municipality of Pollica, the long beach of golden sand that connects the hamlets of Acciarolia Pioppi extends which. It been awarded many times for its naturalistic value and the quality of the services offered to visitors. Easily accessible, well equipped, it gives access to a dream sea, worthy of the pearl of Cilento, a definition more than

  • Ascea

    The Marinas and the Bays

    In the heart of Cilento National Park, there are kilometers of fine and golden sand: it is the wide beach of Marina di Ascea, lined with centuries-old olive groves and rigorous Mediterranean scrub. The long walk along the sea reached the spectacular cliffs of Punta del Telegrafo, beyond which there are inlets and coves that can be reached by sea. Starting with the magnificent Baia d’Argento and Baia della

  • Palinuro

    The Salines beach

    The Caretta caretta turtles have often chosen it over the years to lay their eggs. The long beach Le Saline is a tract of fine and almost white sand, reaching the hamlet of Pisciotta from Palinuro. The low sandy shallow, which stretches for several tens of meters beyond the shore, offers at different times of the day, suggestive, ever-changing color combinations.

  • Marina di Camerota

    Mingardo Beach

    Surrounded to the north by a pine forest and to the south by sand dunes, the long beach of the Mingardo is located between Palinuro and Marina di Camerota and is much loved by people from Cilento. To distinguish it is the fine white sand, which meets a cobalt blue sea between the foam. A unique show set up by Mother Nature.

  • Scario

    Marcellino Beach or the French beach

    At the end of a deep valley rich of vegetation descending from the village of San Giovanni a Piro, a magnificent inlet opens up along the coast of the Masseta, which includes the beach of Marcellino, also known as the French beach. A swim to remember in the deep blue sea, among landscapes of rare beauty. Nearby, the no less magnificent beaches of Sciabica and

  • Sapri

    In the heart of the Gulf of Policastro, Sapri beach is a jewel of Cilento near the border between the Campania and Basilicata coasts. The long pebble beach, equipped and well-kept, has been given numerous awards over the years due to the beauty surrounding it and for the beautiful sea. A wonder of nature in the place consigned to history by the tragic expedition of Carlo Pisacane and his three hundreds "young and strong". Nearby, the beautiful beach of white

  • Amalfi- Le spiagge

    Scendendo le scalinate che si alternano a tratti in piano si arriva in piazzetta dei Protontini, al porto di Amalfi. Vicino al molo d’imbarco dei traghetti e a ridosso del Lungomare dei Cavalieri, dunque in pieno centro, si apre la Spiaggia Grande, di sabbia e piccoli ciottoli, con il  molo da cui partono i battelli per le escursioni e i collegamenti con le altre spiagge. Vi si trovano vari stabilimenti

  • Rocks at the foot of the Castle

    The sun from the sea behind Vivara illuminates the cliffs with golden sparkles at the foot of the Castello Aragonese, along the “bridge” linking it to the big island.


    BLU E VERDEThe last centre of the Sorrentine Coast is full of greenery and gardens like the historic one “The Jesus”, an ancient citrus grove implanted by the Jesuits in the 17th century, when the big college known as “Il Quartiere” (the area).

  • Cartaromana Beach

    I chose the way passing by the cemetery. It reminds me my teenage years.

  • Beach of Pescatori, Mandra

    The round shape of Vivara, the walls and the towers of the Castle in the background take form in the hands of the children playing with the sand and seawater.

  • Spiaggia degli Inglesi (English Beach)

    In the centre of the beautiful hamlet of Sant’Alessandro, an arrow indicates the way to get to Spiaggia degli Inglesi.

  • Scarrupata

    I am looking at the Scarrupata, from the punt. I took it from the little pier of Ischia Ponte. Tabula rasa.

  • Olmitello, Maronti

    I am reaching the extreme south of the island, where there is the most exuberant beach:

  • Scannella

    You can get there from Sant’Angelo, by taxi boat, for the price of 7-10 euros.

  • Zaro’s Cliff, Punta Caruso

    You need to pass through Zaro wood to reach the cliff – non cliff:

  • San Montano

    The heat is hiding between pine needles. Cicadas are already singing.

  • Varulo, Spiaggia delle monache

    It is the right time. I am reaching the beach. I am looking at the sun. It reflects on the waves of the sea to recognise itself.

  • Casamicciola and Lacco Ameno coastlines

    I am walking from Casamicciola to Lacco Ameno.

  • Fumaroles, Maronti

    I am waiting for the northwest wind: if the winds blow and make the sea surface vibrate with endless waves…

  • Cava Grado

    The breeze at the entrance of Cava Grado is penetrating into the reeds with its slow pace. It is a music.

  • Saint Francis (San Francesco)

    The dark volcanic rocks of the promontory of Zaro,

  • Citara

    5 pm. Here I am in Citara, house of Poseidon, one of the favourite foreigners’ destination.

  • Cava dell’isola

    It is the temple of the sunset and it reminds me that I would like to go to the beach.

  • Chiaia

    The fine sand accompanies the way in the quiet blue lagoon, up to the cliff dividing and protecting it from the open sea.

  • Sorgeto

    By night, of course! During the day you can go by boat.